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Rangehoods are the easiest way to quickly eliminate unpleasant cooking smells, smoke and heat, keeping your kitchen fresh and clean.

At PRO Appliance Repair, we ensure your new kitchen range hood and ducting services are installed with care and patience. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve tackled every type of range hood installation possible.

Our team of licensed electricians bring the highest levels of professionalism and expertise to each job. We’ll show you how your hood functions and we’ll also remove all the packaging, leaving your kitchen neat and tidy.

Let us help you with custom, professional installations and ducting services.

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Which Type Of Rangehood Installation Is Best?

  Ideally a quality kitchen extractor fan will offer excellent smoke and moisture extraction functions, quiet operation, attractive design, be easy to use and easy to clean.

With any type of range hood, always look for the maximum extraction capacity specifications to ensure yours offers the air flow you need for optimum performance.

Range Hood Designs

Each rangehood style is different and will vary in the way they work. All rangehood designs typically are available in 60cm and 90cm widths to cover the common sizes of cooktops. Here’s a brief description of each style.

Canopy Rangehoods

This design is generally larger in size and installed against the wall. Being larger, they offer a larger collection area with a powerful suction extraction action. If you’re a serious chef, this design is the best for successfully removing odours, steam, smoke, heat and grease.

Island Range Hoods

are designed for island bench cooking. They offer a similar design and are installed over the island bench.

Undermount Rangehoods

If you prefer a less obtrusive design, then the undermount style may be for you. They are installed in kitchen cabinets above the cooktop. Slideout rangehoods are as their name suggests. They are pulled out during operation which increases their surface size, maximizing extraction function.

Fixed rangehoods are more obvious and more effective than undermount and slideout models.

How Does A Rangehood Work?

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As mentioned above, there are 4 main designs. Regardless of the design, each range hood sits over your kitchen cooktop, effectively removing cooking fumes, grease, smoke, heat and steam using filters and fans.

Depending on where you’re installing a range hood, your range hood will either recirculate the cleaned air back into the kitchen as you cook, or vent the filtered air to the outside through the roof or wall.

Quality rangehoods keep your kitchen cleaner by stopping greasy residues from building up around your cooking area, on walls and on top of surfaces which considerably reduces cleaning times!

Another benefit of a good range hood, they are  good for protecting your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Over time cupboards and cabinets can stain, warp or look damaged due to cooking in a poorly ventilated kitchen.

How Loud Are Rangehoods?

Short answer is they all vary in noise while operating. Fan speed settings determine noise levels and hard working hoods can be very noisy, especially if they are under powered.

Powerful models can operate efficiently on lower settings to quietly remove smoke, steam and odours as you cook. If you are frying or boiling, then you’ll need to make the most of your rangehood’s max extraction capacity with higher fan speeds which will increase noise levels.

It’s worth spending time comparing technical specifications regards the noise level of the model  which is measured in decibels. You don’t want to pay for a new kitchen extractor fan installation, only to find it sounds like a deafening jet engine!

Range hoods generally operate from around 40 dBA to around an average 60-70 dBA. 60-70 dBA is the volume of a normal conversation.

There are some models which are basically silent as the motor is installed externally. When the dBA is quoted as a range, this indicates the noise level when operated from min to max speed levels.

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The majority of range of range hood installations are straight forward and can be fitted in a few hours depending on the ducting requirements.

We are happy to schedule an appointment and give advice on what’s the best range hood for your kitchen for maximum performance.

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